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PX3 Brain Science is leading the way with independent, product specific, IRB Approved Institutional Research.  


Very few companies ever do clinical studies to test or validate their products, even fewer ever commit to doing independant, Institutional Review Board (IRB) approved research.


Independent Institutional research takes significantly longer, plus you have no control over the protocols, methods or outcomes.  


Having world-renowned institiutions with independent IRB approved research studies is a major part of what we do before launching any product portfolio, the other part is testing it with user groups that are highly recognized as being the best in the world at what they do.  Indiviudals like professional athletes, olympic athletes, and military special forces.


We know if we can provide relevant and significant benefits with these individuals, then we can ultimately help anyone.  


For us at PX3, when the brain health and brain safety of our clients are at stake, we simply would not consider anything less.


This commitment is what the PX3 brand represents; the highest levels of human research and human excellence.    


We work with world-class academic, military & athletic Institutions 

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