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PX3 Custom Sleep Appliance
​Sleep. Breathe. Perform.
PX3 Custom Sleep Appliance


The next level of Sleep and Performance.

PX3's patented design offers unparalleled flexibility, comfort and freedom to wear it anytime, day or night, to optimize the airway and boost physiological function.

PX3 Custom Sleep Appliance

By naturally aligning the lower jaw, PX3 maximizes and harmonizes the flow of oxygen and energy throughout the entire body. 

PX3 Custom Sleep Appliance

PX3 elevates performance and recovery to help individuals overcome the challenges of sleep deprivation, stress, and burnout.

Not just greater sleep...

Lascelles "King" Brown

5-time Olympian, Bobsled

“The results with PX3 are instant, effortless & undeniable”
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