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The Next Level Of Sleep Performance.

PX3 Custom Sleep Appliance
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Advanced Technology

Works Day and Night

Patented & Proven

Licensed Dentists

Bed, stretching and happy woman waking up in the morning after sleep, rest and relax in he


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No masks, no meds, just breathe.

"The performance gains are undeniable. PX3 is a game-changer."

Arianne J.

Chef, Business Owner 

“My snoring and stress levels have gone down significantly, thank you PX3!.”

Trish S.

C-Suite Executive

"My deep sleep and HRV increased the very first night - I'm a true believer."

David I.


“PX3 is my fountain of youth,
I am a client for life"

Jamie C. 

Executive Business Owner

"I simply could not tolerate CPAP, my husband and I are truly grateful for PX3!"

Pamela K.

Health Care Professional

“My cardiologist could not believe the results, PX3 has literally saved my life.”

Dr. Gary A.

Dental Professional

PX3 instantly and effortlessly optimizes how you breathe

With PX3

Without PX3


20% Increase in O² Volume

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50% Increase in Airway Opening

By aligning and locking the bite in the most optimal position, PX3 immediately creates a massive increase in oxygen intake. This increase improves virtually all aspects of life, augmenting both sleep and performance, allowing PX3 to be the most versatile and advanced wellness device on the market.

and unparalleled performance

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